Criminal Lawyer in Orillia

If you live in the Orillia area and need a criminal lawyer, Kimberly can help you. Kimberly offers a free initial consultation for any adult or youth charged with all types of criminal offences. Appointment times are flexible and can be made to accommodate your schedule.

Every case is unique, and costs will depend on how you want to proceed. When you meet with Kimberly, she will sit down with you to discuss your case and figure out a retainer agreement that suits your financial situation. This can include partial retainers and installment payments. Kimberly understands that having to deal with a criminal law matter is stressful enough, and she will help you to get the results you deserve in a timely fashion.

Kimberly is a lawyer that also accepts Legal Aid certificates from her Orillia clients. Further, as a member of Legal Aid Ontario’s Gladue panel, Kimberly is a criminal lawyer who can assist individuals in the Orillia area who self-identify as Aboriginal.

If you need a criminal lawyer, Kimberly will appear in Orillia to represent you for bail hearings, guilty pleas, preliminary hearings or trials. Contact her today to arrange for your free initial consultation.